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Let's check in to Green Rehab!

Green Rehab is our way of sharing all the good things we do, but also an opportunity for us to learn even more from our guests. So get yourself checked in - sharing is caring!

Respecting Mother Earth as well as human beings is in our DNA.

That’s why we’re always pushing ourselves to go easy on the planet - and we want you to join us! Last year we checked ourselves into plastic rehab and got rid of all unnecessary products made of plastic to stay true to our core belief of being easy on the planet. When we checked into plastic rehab, we realized we do a lot of other good things that we don’t want to keep to ourselves and that we still have a lot to learn from our guests, so now we want you to check into Green Rehab with us.

Green Rehab is our way of showing our guests how we’re constantly working on making our hotels as environmentally-friendly as possible and that staying with us means staying at hotels that care about both people and the planet. Respecting Mother Earth as well as humans is in our DNA.

Plastic Rehab

Every minute, 15 tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean. That’s why we checked ourselves in to rehab for our plastic abuse, and pledged to be plastic free by 2020. We’ve said our forever goodbyes to plastic straws, plastic cutlery, plastic cups, plastic toothbrushes and single use toiletries in our hotels! Why use unnecessary plastic when there are alternatives that are kind to our planet?


For a large portion of the world's population clean water is only a dream. In the Nordics we do not have the same problem. We have plenty of fresh water, but that does not mean that we should not get involved in the issue. By 2021 the goal is to reduce water consumption to 180 liters per guest/night. Why is this important? While clean water is globally scarce, in the Nordics we want to reduce water consumption to lower the need for energy for heating and lower the need for chemicals for water purification.

Cleaning and chemicals

In order to be easy on the planet (and your wallet too!) we’ll only clean your room every 4th day during your stay. This means less water usage and less chemicals. All chemicals that we do use are classified in red, yellow and green, depending on how much they affect people, animals and the environment. The hotels are constantly working on reducing the use of dangerous red and yellow chemicals. Additionally, we are working with our suppliers to produce more environmentally friendly products and methods. The goal is to reduce consumption to 12 grams per guest/night by 2021. To reach our goal we review the daily usage of chemicals in all hotels. All Comfort Hotels have implemented ultra clean water and ozone water instead of chemical cleaning agents.


To produce the 30 million cups of coffee served at Nordic Choice Hotels, 35 tons of artificial fertilizer and 220,000 liters of pesticides would have been used. Unless the coffee was organic. Each coffee bean served here is organic and Fair Trade labeled, a label that ensures fair conditions for farmers that produce the coffee. Organic coffee production provides healthier coffee plantations, while the producers and environment are less impacted by pollution and chemicals. And it makes it easier for you to enjoy a great cup of coffee while being easy on the planet. Awesome, right?


Our goal for 2021 is to have a recycling rate of 99% of all waste. It's a tough goal, but we are sure we can achieve it and hope that you’ll help us along the way. The hotels will introduce circular thinking at all levels, increase the possibilities for recycling, train staff in environmental awareness, and purchase products that can be recycled.


Out of all the food that is produced in the world, 33% ends up as waste. That is, of course, not sustainable. Here at Comfort Hotel, we keep the breakfast simple, healthy and easy on the planet. We offer less breakfast items, but the things we do offer are high quality products that are eco-friendly. Since 2008, we have been serving organic food alternatives at all hotels. All coffee and eggs are organic. In addition, there is always a selection of fruit and vegetables, tea, milk and at least one type of organic bread at each breakfast buffet. Together we can reduce food waste and choose food that’s kind to the planet.

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