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CSR in Nordic Choice Hotels

Residual waste

There is always room for improvements in recycling. However, since 2008 we have reduced residual waste by 45 % and the number is continually rising.

Residual waste is what remains when recyclable waste has been removed. This is the waste that is most harmful to the environment. Indvidual waste cannot be recycled. This is why it is paramount that we extract as much recyclable waste as possible.

Recycle more

The more we recycle, the less residual waste we produce. In other words, we must get better at sorting the waste we produce. We are committed to doing better.

This is what our hotels do to reduce residual waste

How much waste is recycled varies from hotel to hotel. However, all hotels must document that they follow both local and central laws and regulations regarding waste management – a requirement according to the ISO 14001 certification. The hotels give monthly reports on the amount of residual waste – making it easy for us, for instance, to trace local initiatives.

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